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  • My name is Anna Maryniarczyk-Kubińska. I was born on 28th November 1987 in Zakopane. I come from village Ciche near Zakopane. Since 2009, I have been living with my husband, Bartłomiej, in Spytkowice.

    We have two children. I have been showing artistic talent from an early age, which is often mentioned by my parents. I started to paint on glass on my own when I was in primary school. It engrossed me very much. I spent every spare moment with the glass and brush. Even then, my paintings were very different from the painting on glass present at that time in the Podhale region.

    This is how I decided to expand my skills. Thus, I attended and graduated from Antoni Kenar's Fine Arts High School in Zakopane with a diploma in Woodcarving-functional forms. Unfortunately, my education ended at the high school level, mainly due to financial reasons. Nonetheless, during the entire time I had the support of my parents, family and friends.

    Anna Maryniarczyk - Kubińska

    I did not stop developing my skills, I continued to paint in my spare time, mostly on glass. This is how I developed my unique and original style. On multiple occasions, I met with the opinion that I was the first one to introduce shading and perspective to the painting on glass. It arouses admiration and amazement in many people, especially those who have had experience with glass.

    Painting on glass is for me, most of all, a great pleasure and joy of creation, and consequently, promoting and expanding highlander traditions and values. Therefore, I can consider myself lucky as my passion has become my occupation. In 2013, I started my own business activity - Artistic Studio. In turn, painting on fabrics: wedding dresses, regional costumes, tea dresses and headscarves is for me a great escape and variety in the everyday work.

    In this way, although to a small degree, I realized my childhood dreams of creating and designing wedding dresses. I love talking with the future bride about her dreams associated with the most important creation in her life. I try to best understand the needs and visions about the dress, and the last part is to design, accept, and most importantly, make the work in a way that will delight the bride. Every time, I try to create something new and unique. It gives me much joy and satisfaction.

    Unfortunately, our Podhale market has its own laws, canons and traditions. You cannot give free rein to your imagination when it comes to form and cut of the regional costume. However, as far as wedding dresses or tea dresses are concerned, there are no limitations and you can be very creative. In this regard, I am open to any suggestions, and there is no barrier for me when I am facing new challenges. I also specialise in interior design in the highlander style, often using painted stained glass and wall paintings.

    In my artistic work, I do value the highlander traditions, but do not cling on to the canons associated with it, as I often drift away from them. In my work, I try to convey primarily the beauty of our land. My biggest achievement is to make a living out of my passion. My works are also scattered beyond the borders of our country, e.g. in Austria, Brussels, USA, etc. I'm always full of ideas and ready to cooperate...

    Best Wishes,
    Anna Maryniarczyk-Kubińska

Selected Works
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